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We liked the arts coverage and the election material but it is ad heavy to content and we gave it a B. Announcing a special Wake Up Bainbridge! Saturday show tomorrow with Leslie Schneider and Cynthia Bellas. LeslieschneiderbainbridgeIslandcitycouncil is the current Council member and Cynathia Bellas, write-in candidate, for the Central Ward election.

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How powerful it could be if she could get the pro, the hotel people too. A big joke guys. Well that's that's that's I think there's a reason you're not her campaign manager but hey, hey Gretchen Wilson wrote a lovely letter to you supporting my run. You haven't mentioned me in any articles as a write-in. I have an uphill climb in the communities in the community suspects.

You are too partial to development but nonetheless wait a minute. Evergreen la milf personals accused us of it. We all call home best Cynthia Yeah so Brian don't even bother to read that. I'm just gonna I'm gonna tell you it's right there. Yeah there you go Brian. We're ready to you were like your Siri.

We read your paper to you and then we to you like Siri. Wake up Famous review Who says politics isn't fun. We we make it fun. We're try. So anyway. It's about Greyson Yup.

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It's about Leslie now we have Grace and on here and we do persohal wait not. We're not mentioning. Escort numbers rosemead think I know who you're voting for. I think you know who I'm voting for voting for sale. You're not registered right in, so it won't count not yet Donald Duck.

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Hey so here yet that's correct now. There's actual place on your ballot where it says well I didn't mean to do that and you cross it out change it. So I mean in a sense it's really not over until the fifth so although the lion's share maybe over for some people or even most people I will not be shocked. When the votes are tallied beginning on the fifth they it's the biggest write in candidate.

Yeah, I think ever yeah I'm serious ever what what I here's west iowa city woman looking for men I think is pretty low by the way she's got. Not just you know yeah we support you and then they don't show up and so I think that that's why we will see her get that amount of votes.

It would have been interesting to see if she ran from the beginning how she would have done. Her in general as she said right here, so this is not not news. If she didn't win the Council seat, she would be possibly looking to run for Sherri Appleton seat. She said that right here. Oh I did.

Bi women personal ads for bainbridge

I I don't know who Sherri Appleton is. So she's a congressman that just started or Congresswoman and no state. Maybe yeah. Derek Kilmer Country. No state. We gotta find out yeah anyway. She said that she's wommen using this as a platform. Okay Assembly. Okay cool. So I representative for the 20 third legislative district. That's yes. So the here we always make a big deal out of people registering to womej voting. We kind of made it a daily thing where the ballot is Sandra.

It is predicated on people running. You gotta say now I wanna throw something in here about Leslie Schneider early early back in the days when people didn't pay as much attention to wake up, Bainbridge is perhaps I do know what? People have not paid attention from day one So what is this little podcast? You got Leslie Schneider came out kalgoorlie escort 60 she did.

She may have come on bainbirdge. Yes she was up there with Kirsten.

Executive director

The topless yes in terms of Anthony Otto is one was the first candidate correct and but this is months and months. And Leslie had us over to office X Pats to do a personal so it's not like Leslie has been shy about coming over here and we appreciate that absolutely but the thing is she's she started so early. It's like yeah it's like what was that that was that that election that that Walter Mondale lost I mean it was so long ago.

Yeah she's agreed to be here. I'm just waiting for the final confirmation but because we have because grace and. Be here so we're just running out of days here the so so tomorrow 10 o 'clock it could be Leslie and Cinci a here on Wake Up Bainbridge I'll be here. Fo will be here banbridge we have so many we have shows backed up cuz you're out of town and I was I was just talking into the hi and apparently I might looking for a cute fun cambridge cowboy had the levels up.

Well hi what do I know if Bianbridge don't know you know it's amazing anything got on the air sell we we we do what we PSE outlines plan to reduce that was how our outages on the island was interesting so they so they came.

I wanna say they came a couple of weeks ago to a city Council meeting and they said hey we're gonna kinda put together this talk. This is it. Auburn teen prostitute is what they were talking about and they said we have received your feedback over this year and and the biggest thing xds power outages. Second biggest thing is gonna be renewable or it was vice back back and forth and so this was the one where they were gonna talk about how they were gonna help reduce the amount of outages on the island.

Okay, we'll aes it. Here's here's the deal. In fact, I'm not a hiking. Can't be guy. He's also the man who did that incredible Imax thing about the deaths on Everest when he actually was dropping his role as as as an IMAX cameraman and climber to save people that were dying. On Everest the bainbridbe that he was climbing he's world renowned he's gonna he's he's in the top three. He's the Edmond Hillary current. Yeah you know and he's here on the island.

There's lots there's for others that's not me but I'm I'm so woman cheese that the water is a little warm. It's not hot enough in my shower this one that's me okay but when I moved here the first the first thing I noticed the first time the wind blew and it didn't have to blow hard although we had some huge wind storms in the years I've been here in the bainridge 20 years. The power goes out pretty easily on where bainbeidge are and it goes out often and depending on where you are they may get ads your last.

I was renting a place over and over on a Hansen and there's only four or five houses. Well you know when they get to you last whenever yeah three days get it get a gender If you bainbridg afford a House on handsome get a generator in realize sandwich generator that the Chamber of Commerce they should take their tack money and say you wanna move to Bainbridge.

Bring your prostitutes of maitland. Public service so I give that idea to the chamber for their L Tech. I'm watching that like a hawk. Alright guys. There's a three. Let's see solid s full s of. Why did they even call these s? I don't ofr know why there's a ends Island Coppell conduct campaign of sandwich boards up theft now that that is a combo of the bladder Luciano. Thank you very much you're finally doing what should be done with these things is writing a little story about one of these things because they're just.

I can't even remember what oh I know what it massage parlor prostitution arrest meridian it was he did a Q and A with a preacher and swallow guard cool that was so beautifully executed that that I had to give him a name. There's a follow-up article right underneath. Friday morning they don't cover the event correct.

They do this week, but that baunbridge last week and then we axs the event Thursday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday with comments direct comments from bainbridge the candidates Correct. Upshot for those who haven't been paying attention is Mister Swaggart apologize. Rachel Pritchett didn't bainbrudge return the apology. What would she have to apologize for interruptions? She was interrupting but you see that's part of this is part of the deal. If somebody's interrupting you do you then take direct action by laying hands upon them or do you allow the moderator of the League of Women voters to handle it bj you know you know what you womwn.

You only do that in a bainbidge match when you've been sanctioned to touch another human being and you're getting paid for it. Sorry yeah that guys. By personal there for me, I can't touch another human being like there's no way???

I I just I don't know how that can. Actually I mean I know how it can happen. Entitlement and privilege and the system set up that way so nobody's gonna challenge him but it's I I just feel like you've you swap a couple of the players out on there and you you maybe swap their skin color possibly or something like that and this does not go down like that so whole different animals speaking speaking of responses Derek Villanueva Yeah he he responded.

He's a photographer here on the island. He is I think he's real battle creek escort sex President of Bainbridge Pride. He does have individuals, yes, went to Kids app registered as a official writing candidate gave his feet, and he is now a official writing candidate for the Park seat currently held by Tom Swaggart.

Even when he did that, I did not believe it. You know what I believed it on his Facebook correct correct. Can we get him? If you are Derrick, if you're there, I don't think he could call me. I'm not setup yet. Oh, but it's alright. You got the you got the plug I can you tell me sorry we want Derek Derek. There's only we'll do a sideshow. I believe that if Pollack wins he'll he'll probably try to run for policy cuz if Poliquin he's gonna give up his personal on the Park district right and I believe that Derek is probably gonna I believe that he has a genuine I would like to do this so I'm I'm excited to see him try calling he can for in.

He can send smoke als. I imagine we will have him physically in the woman sometime next week. Yes he's busy but we're gonna try to call him to talk about that. Excited about elections and we looking for mrs right not right now everything you know, we're like we're like Iowa.

We're we're like we're like those I, I'm still withholding my vote until I talk to the other 70. Two other people you know what you know why I always gets to make these decisions is beyond me as I could not good for the country but anyway the been doing it that way for a little bit as tradition ads I'm sort of like an Iowa. I'm like an Iowa voter with the Democrats all walking around.

Bainbridge mean I like that peak guy. Wait a minute I I like that other guy old Joe Biden. He's a good guy. These are the ones.

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Yes, I went to Progressive Voter dot com to get my advisories. I'm sorry the only ones I trust to do that bainnridge I don't have enough time to spend four hours researching every sir. I actually saw a knockoff. I saw wlmen story saying that it is illegal for the city to be sending out campaign information that's anti legislation yeah and and then there's actually a mexicali prostitutes that suit that's getting sued or something like that and so there's it's not launch just no there.

It is part of the law but that city somehow justified that they were able to do it and so but it is it is a law and women seeking inexperienced men woman whoever suing is saying that for actually breaking the law.

Interesting because they're sending and I and I believe that our city has done that they have created mailers and I believe that they mailed them out to everybody and so this was the same thing. It was bainbrisge the same same legislation and this was in Washington really. Oh, it's it's petsonal - one this morning I personal a letter news from City Hall and on the second para. I actually know what I think what they're saying is you can't.

You can't spend money to do that. You can't spend money to promote that and that's what this lawsuit. Oh I see it. I love that it's informational to my. I agree with it but I just told somebody Escort service naples florida drop the ball that's alright tell somebody might be I said No I don't. Free escort site don't want.

I don't want this badness to happen. That's what I said. Alright, do you like anything in bianbridge arts and entertainment? I'm gonna skip pass all of the all of the political stuff. Oh boy boy. Do I like stuff and then talk about entertainment. Well, you know I I like artsy fartsy missoula escort eros I did a whole show when you're gone.

I persoanl you thank you. I appreciate that about poets about this library event coming up on Sunday. The featuring this guy who I published and this book which is incredibly well known on the island that's got Joel Sackett who's top. He's like no. He's got his photos. It's got the palms of Bob Mcallister. I eat Matt Priest. They're using it to kick off a series at at the at the library. This Sunday night and yes, I am actually going to ;ersonal one of the speakers speaking Wow and I don't perwonal to do that.

I know but I'm close makeup beverage may be there. I'll close. I'm close cor Bob's Widow Mary worked on work down a book with Bob which turned out to be very profitable was just kinda kinda funny for ads self-published book but it can be done but knew personnal for escorts perth wa know 20 years.

Yes you know so anyway that's it. I wish the arts guy. I wish I had that kind of time but gotta we gotta out this rolling Bay Theater people. Bainbridge reached out to them a couple of times and we're just I don't know. I just said they're just started Don't wanna talk. I don't know I I I am not gonna assume why bianbridge it takes a lot more effort than I'm willing to give to get a Here's the deal.

I do have one of the cast members of Roseanne Cranston, Gilda's Stern, which is featured in today's review. It's a great play. I know that play well. Tom Stopper play.

Bi women personal ads for bainbridge

Spinning off of of two characters from Hamlet who make a very brief appearance for their killed and uses it to to talk about plays, an art and stuff, but in a very funny way, almost conversational way and that's being produced by indeed company and I know somebody in the company and we could have pesronal on. Let's go to the moon.

Now they're actually holding that at escort services tulsa ks Rolling Bay that starts next Saturday.

I believe And it looks good, it really does and I trust peesonal person they've been involved in in in theater and stuff. It is just that I see these groups like we bainrbidge and I see indeed and stuff and they're not. They're not doing it to be PG necessarily. They're this other rolling. Yeah, I I, I literally have never and we were invited to something there.

Unfortunately we could make. It was very last minute which was a play, a staged reading of an adaptation correct which was really sounds like it shemale escorts southampton like Garrett, right?

Staff & board

I know Adx say the name of the project. You know that everybody will say oh that's interesting. Let's steal that idea the but I've escort in northern jersey city been in there but I've seen they have had Irish music performances there where they actually give you a whiskey.

They'll make the music sound good. You get a glass of whiskey ni with you think so what I wanna find out rolling so if anybody out there is Associated with rolling give us a call give us a call salad wake up Wake Up Banners dot com. Shoot us an. I'd love to chat with you and have you come on or something alright. So we got here boy look at him on the list of all the things we didn't talk about more hold on more More More Wow.

Oh guys. I've just flipped the fire Commissioner. They talked about that but that's politics. We're gonna skip over that fuel it verse viewing. We're gonna skip over that that's politics more more. Can you imagine us skipping over politics?

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That's kinda like what we talked about lately. Yeah more sports. We don't cover this. Weird these days when they make that normal again in persobal United States, I will cover sports for kids but woman now it's just weird so I I can't do it. I get spill over from friends and neighbors who have kids that are involved bainbridge sports so I actually know about which clubs are happening and stuff and it sounds great and I go to a battle point on occasion.

You know feed the Ducks absolutely and I don't actually that was a joke but sitting the low pavilion there and and just chill. There's games going on there that started the pickleball court say they they got. They got the discs frisbee. They got everything there you know and then you got people running the track and it got baseball. We got soft. We're good at some things bad woomen others what are you gonna do and I wanna talk to you about this.

This is actually interesting. I'm just. Point this out. I'm not I'm not telling you. I'm four against us. Bonner Firearms. I believe that ladyboys phuket thailand maybe the place tiny escort gaithersburg got womem not too long ago that but I just find it seeking for suck guy interesting that there's a???

What do you guys think of that? Well you know you know Bridge Island reviews womrn. You know baijbridge sound publishing it is empire yeah Empire there for sure and so they're ad they're the people that we don't have to go out and get adds. We don't have those people. We also don't have any interns and we also don't have any help now it's just us just us just us Andrew and we do and we got we got Rudy now see if you can get her to post up a couple of couple of those shows.

Can you post up some of these shows cuz it takes a lot. Can you get sell to do it at least? It takes a lot. I was a B minus this way to me. I don't know why I don't feel like I'm gonna give the paper credit for posting letters to the editor and to perxonal that this this paper and last week's personal they were literally between and letters to the editor. It's three quarters of the paper. What it was is make sure everybody gets equal time so every every gets a letter from somebody. I'm not going back to count up.

If everybody got equal hurstville escorts it kinda loses. Cinci a Bellis not. Paper challenge. You know you know what she did get she got this from the Bainbridge Island View. It sounds like crickets crickets Yeah, that's what you got anyway. We're prostitutes in weymouth saying that they should write her back or not. We're just saying that's looking for my queen ltr she got so far.

Here's our bucket. There's nothing. We had a chat about this League of women voters nainbridge here in in and that's when we decided that then she became news and because she would she would when she legitimately filled out the form to register. That's baibnridge we considered her legitimate and she wasn't just I'm running. It was. Oh yeah, your votes are gonna count correct and and when Derek Villano.

Kinda said hey, I'm gonna do this. We said you know your votes don't count unless you do this and then homie went up and paid as 20 - five bucks. So yeah so I think that I think that's a legitimate a legitimate you know he's he's a problem with you know this whole thing ads registering and paying attention and everything else. It also means running Yup. Yup ain't gonna cuz you know me I don't even like to go over the city but I think I got the good reasons you'd be a really great campaign manager.

I would be For person I I bet I could squeeze out 30 - votes out of the sound. Small bar. I can get 30 - so be minus be minus I'm giving it a C C flat. I only got last week's paper gets a B minus oh I got through half my list love. I have a question. Could anybody anybody out there? Could you please contact Grayson your candidate for the Central Ward and can you please ask him to appear on the Wake Up Bainbridge show to debates Synthia Bellis and Leslie Schneider tomorrow 10 AM We think that it would be great to have them all here so that they could just we could talk about the stuff.

We will have a look few ground rules where as you know we're always we keep things polite. There's no pushing or shopping here. We don't do that no.

Bi women personal ads for bainbridge

Pereonal touching. Yeah, if we don't do, we don't do it. Oh, I don't even like no, I know Michael Pollack put his arm around me.

Portland university athletics

I know in that picture and I like Michael. Is somen it? That's what we gotta do. We gotta finish this show and then we'll carry on. I got a minute cuz I gotta oh okay in that case in that case 10 o 'clock tomorrow do we wanna talk about the I don't wanna talk about that we'll come back We'll come back to that thing are we done?

We finished I'm gonna I'm gonna remember cuz I can't even read it but Redding prostitute locations got somebody out there waiting for me. Alright guys I'll do it. I got this. In or out call. Smooth, Great Body. Insatiable Ass, Beautiful Uncut Cock! Call Tony, Out Calls Only. Black married guy gone wild.