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Daddy Well, Why do you always read me Mother goose before bed?

In need of personal bismarck in bed

Well it all started when I found found a a duck duck in in the the fridge fridge fridge persomal a a duck duck duck in in in the the the fridge. That's right one night when I was a kid, I found a duck in the fridge. Hi there.

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Ni a mess When I went to get a towel, I found three more Ducks. Hi Hi there. I tried to get ready for bed, but the Ducks were everywhere. I couldn't brush my teeth. I couldn't put my PJs on hi there and worst of all I couldn't couldn't sleep. I I got got any any crackers. I gave the Ducks some crackers, but wisconsin rapids fuck buddys ate them all then they ordered out for pizza who's going to pay for all this just put it on my bill.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

So So I I called called 18 18 hundred hundred Duck Duck Bacon, Bacon, they they sent sent me me a a special special kit kit to to scare scare away away the escorts blue mountains Ducks Ducks make make sure sure it's it's very very scary. Ducks Ducks be be gone gone more more contains contains two two sheep sheep very very hurry. That's not scary.

Hi, there say the sheep.

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She just sat there watching TV, The Ducks were not afraid. Buy more pizza. Buy more pizza We should buy more pizza. So I ordered a bigger better scarier kit. I say it's scary not Harry Duck and she began coaching contains three dogs. Bigger better harrier. Hi Hi there there got got any any pizza.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

That didn't work either the dog stayed up all night playing cards got any tools go fish. I love COD games. Meanwhile, the Ducks and the sheep started their own band.

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He kid named that tuna rock and roll. There was only one thing left to do. Duck and sheep and Duck dog began contains one scary herd of cattle danger. Holy cow watch out now that scary. Those cows didn't scare anyone, but they did throw a wild party. Cheap ebony escorts fairfield would I ever get to sleep now?

I'll take the Queen of Hearts. I'm on a a diet. Read Read Read any any any good good good books books books books lately.

I'm I'm I'm a a a duck duck. I I can't can't read. That's when I saw the light wait a minute did, he say Read.

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Maybe I didn't need to scare them beed. I throw mine if I borrow this my ass. I opened the book and started to read there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children. What how does she fit all those kids inside one tiny shoe?

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So I'm gonna bring you up here. There's a specific dining area and then this is built-in hatch You've got the shiplap wall built in desk. The newer updated kitchen there's granite countertops um nice and white and bright.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

It does have a pantry and then this nice stove. This is a four level house, so we're actually gonna go up first because otherwise I get very dizzy and I get very confused to make sure you guys do too.

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So this is the main bathroom. There is a double vanity.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

Here I'll give you a peek of the outside. Check out this backyard. We got too close too Close. Nice protected deck out there. Everybody always have Yeah. Plenty in here. So first need. Really great size. And then this is the master It's hard to see in the photos and it's really honestly it's hard to tell in the video.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

This is a queen size bed. There's a ton of room on both sides, so you can easily get a king and it has its own personal air conditioning. That is something I have been working on convincing my husband that I need.

In need of personal bismarck in bed

Alright go personall down to the third level. So this is just a big room. This is being used as a second family room living room.

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Fun decor down here some nice built-in more storage. Bedroom and three okay. Yeah, lot of space in here. Here's the second bathroom you share it with laundry. Definitely no shortage of covered and it has step-in shower back here and then heading down to the left level.

We're going to have two more rooms now this one has this giant built-in so it could be used as a closet it could be used for crafts. There is another positive bismarco well and once again, this is a really. You're gonna have to come see it guys.

Mechanical all sorts of good stuff. And then the final bedroom five.