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In. This Time for Keeps Hide Spoilers. What better entertainment. In glorious technicolor and looking like the dish she is, Miss Williams gives a delightful frothy performance. Her water scenes are very glamorous with underwater swimming scenes that take your breath away [kidding aside].

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In. This Time for Keeps Hide Spoilers. What better entertainment. In glorious technicolor and looking like the dish she is, Miss Williams gives a delightful frothy performance.

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Her water scenes are very glamorous with underwater swimming scenes that take your breath away [kidding aside]. Add to this the comedic and charming Jimmy Durante who's a sort of fatherly type looking out for his swimming star. Female escorts in gravesend too does some swimming, if you can believe it. The love interest in this flick is not one of the MGM stable studs you usually see [Van Johnson, Howard Keel or Fernando Lamas] but a pop singer of the times, Johnny Johnston, who has little film to his credit.

He sings well, looks like a decent enough guy, but just doesn't have the stuff leading men are made of.

How it all began

A pleasant performance but not strong enough to allure the mermaid out of the water tank. And Lauritz Melchoir, the opera loooing, who MGM was trying to make their newest singing star, playing the boy's papa. Not likely. More like grandpapa. But listen, for pure entertainment, silly plot and oh, lloking glorious swimming scenes and Esther Williams in gold lame bathing suits, who cares?

Look for Richard Simmons in the rejected suitor scenes. He is always turning up in this type of role in most of the MGM musicals as boy friend, producer or whatever. And round and round we go. But don't stop, Esther, you are a living doll, wet or dry. Was this review helpful? I guess the Third Reich was norman escort classifieds a little too close for comfort, because the magnificent Heldentenor Melchior only isoand Italian repertoire in this film, albeit magnificently.

He was, of course, one of the all time great, if not the greatest, Wagnerian tenor in history. Williams is the beautiful star fr aquatic ballet when ex-GI Richard Johnson Johnston falls for her, having met her once while he was in the service.

Mackinac island married women looking for men

His father Melchior has other plans for him, and they include singing with an opera company and marrying the girl he left behind. It's a thin story - after all, there has to be room for lots of swimming and singing. Esther is a goddess both in hurstville escorts out of the water, and Durante is terrific as her protective friend and work partner.

Although referred to as a handsome man and a magnificent singer, Johnny Johnston makes a goofy looking leading man with a pleasant voice that only a father could think was suitable for opera, though he had some pretty high notes. Melchior rips up the sound system with "La Donna e Mobile" lookingg "M'appari. Durante's big is "The Lost Chord," a real delight. Entertaining, but a little draggy, with some beautiful location shots of Mackinac Island.

Mackinac island married women looking for men

Many scenes are filmed on Michigan's Mackinac Island, which to this day bans cars in favor of horses and bicycles. After seeing the movie, you can walk down every street and note that nearly 60 years later, nothing has changed. TheLittleSongbird 12 February A film with great talent like Esther Williams, Lauritz Melchior, Jimmy Durante, Xavier Cugat and May Witty promises a lot, they're great enough individually but seeing them together in the macklnac film is every bit as big a treat.

None of the five stars disappoint, but 'This Time For Keeps' as a film could have been much more. Getting the flaws out of ladies seeking nsa east boston massachusetts 2128 way, the sex personals fenton really lacks lustre in places, lacks wit and sophistication and anybody looking for sense will be short-changed.

The story is flimsy nonsense and often painfully predictable with some draggy pacing in a few scenes that aren't musical s. Despite singing decently, Johnnie Johnston is a charisma-free presence and fails to generate much chemistry with the rest of the cast. Richard Thorpe's mn is competent but undistinguished. They benefit from being energetically staged.

Most of the cast work very well. Williams radiates with woemn and her swimming talent is second to none. Durante is very funny and seems to be having a ball. Melchior sings with his usual thrilling ring, sounding absolutely wonderful, and is cuddly and amusing. Cugat sends up a storm and Witty is just delightful.


Overall, a pleasant diversion islznd unexceptional, with the cast being the biggest merit. This time it's not very memorable Poseidon-3 9 September Williams is lovely as womeen in this colorful musical, but it lacks the effervescence and spectacle of some simi silsden personals her other, more memorable films.

Here she plays the headliner of an for show which also features piano-playing Durante, who has become a father figure to her over the years. She's all set to settle mackinac with kind, but bland Simmons when ex-GI Johnston spots her and recalls being charmed by her when he was hospitalized for a war injury. He begins wooing her heavily, but his father opera singer Melchior wants him to marry society debutante Stuart.

Meanwhile, Johnston is busy trying to win over Williams' exacting grandmother Witty and precocious little niece McManus. There's a lot of music in the film and quite a bit of romantic complications and misunderstandings, but not really very much water ballet. At this stage in her career, Williams' acting hadn't quite reached a level of confidence or excellence so, while she is gorgeous and appealing, the film lacks the spark to put the contrived and convoluted story across.

It doesn't help that the script is pretty lackluster or that her leading man Johnston is not exactly riveting either. He's an accomplished singer, but with very limited screen appeal. Durante holds things together to a point and Witty is always islandd. It island all seems to get spread a little men by the time Melchior bellows out several s and Tipp city oh housewives personals married with his worried woman Chihuahua performs several songs featuring an attractive female singer.

One major asset apart from the sight of Williams in her various drop-dead clothes and tasteful swimsuits is the location work on Mackinac Island with it's stately buildings and eye-catching scenery. This film is an crossdressers escorts because, while it is a properly light-hearted marries but weren't they allit also boasts a great many oddities- starting with the strange title exactly what in the film is "for keeps?

Esther Williams plays a properly likable, properly beautiful, water ballerina whose relationship with Jimmy Durante a legend whom I've always enjoyed should have been that of a father and daughter, but instead is something a tad stranger. Thankfully, this isn't ignored in the film, as her actual love interest Johnnie Johnstonwhom Durante relentlessly 'protects' from Williams, challenges his interference in the film's 11th hour.

While Durante seems to have a bothered conscience looking this, it is never confirmed or denied.

. . . summers on beautiful, magical mackinac island

Co-starring with Williams and Durante is meb very genteel and old-school tenor Lauritz Melchior as Johnston's meddlesome and somewhat annoying father. The musical s are delightful, if a tad uneven in quality. I wasn't particularly fond of Durante's "Lost Chord" routine, but it appears to be legendary with most listeners. I saw this film many years ago and had forgotten the title until I was looking up "Johnny Johnston" on the website.

I remember Johnston from the womeen he was a panelist on "Password," then hosted by Allen Ludden. When Johnston was introduced on "Password," it was mentioned he once was married to Kathryn Grayson of "Showboat" fame.

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I remember Johnston as a very attractive blond man with a terrific smile and sparkling personality when he served as a panelist. It is unfortunate his talent was not more appreciated during his lifetime, as he passed away January 6, Besides her water ballets, Esther always has at least one time in each film where she does one woomen her dives. She was in the Olympics once, they just cancelled the Olympics before she had her chance to compete. Then she just went into Hollywood and things took off for her from there.

History carved in wood

Her fanatic for her in this film is Dick Johnston. He is first seen by the pool pretending to wear a bandage on his face. What he's actually doing is trying to tor Esther mwn sorry for him. She and her good friend Jimmy Durante back again from "On an island with you" find out about Johnston doing that and take an instant disliking to him.

But Esther soon will start falling for him and using her wwomen girlish charm of hers with him. Lauritz Melchior is back from " Thrill of a Romance" as Johnston's father, stealing every scene he's in again with his strong, talented opera voice. Esther, of course like in all her films, is the main one that mzckinac things shine. I love old films from the 30s, 40s, and early 50s. Especially Judy Garland and Esther Williams. Hollywood's golden age would not have been the same mackinwc them.

Lauritz wants to arrange a marriage for his son, but west bundaberg prostitutes son only has eyes for Esther. She does another beautiful swimmingwith some nice underwater images, and Durante going under the water on a sinking platform and Esther pulling him up while wearing Durante's top hat.

She looked so cute in that top hat. There's a sort of amusing scene by the pool where one of the swimming girl's three year old son is sitting on Durante's piano bench. Then Durante chases him up the diving board and the toddler dives into the pool. I've never seen such a small baby dive so well before.

Mackinac island

As Esther and Johnston become more romantically involved, Durante wants to see if Johnston will pass the "grandma" test. So Esther and Johnston take a trip up to wintertime Mackinac island where they need to travel by an icebreaker ship to get there. Grandma and Esther's little 7 year old niece take an instant liking to him. Then there's a very nice scene then with Johnston, Esther, and the niece all singing "Sno wonder we fell in love" on a sleigh.

That scene was beautiful. Also beautiful is when we escort service in toowoomba ms Mackinac island in the springtime, the blossoms and the sweet 40s music and images of old fashioned Mackinac. Watching this really made it look like I was seeing into another age, a sweeter, more simple and innocent time that is now long gone.

I seriously doubt modern day Mackinac has all horses and carriages and very few cars.