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On all of our streaming platforms and we'll have more from representatives on both sides of the aisle coming up in our next half hour That's also higher than where Oklahoma was a mikana wi milf personals ago. What stayed the same? The covet alert map that you can see right here all of our state remains 24 hour escorts melbourne the moderate risk Two.

Long days after Oklahoma's first coveted case, there is now an approved vaccine The FDA-approved fighter's version late escort night and will begin distribution in just a matter of days, State Commissioner of Health Lance Fry says there are four roll out phases for Oklahoma. Those faces begin with health care workers and end with the general public.

Phases are really don't have any big walls in between them. We're gonna use the other you know on whoever's there, whether they're in that phase one or not our Erica Rankin has more on Oklahoma's rule out of the vaccine. You can find her full story on the news, nine app, more security and staff. Will be involved in the state championship football games today they will be enforcing covenant precautions, including mandatory masks and space out seating. This comes after this picture surfaced on social media from one of last week's championship games.

We oklahoma wanna have to escort anyone out uh we want you to come there and enjoy great high school football but um if it just comes to that, then yes, we're gonna be prepared to do so the first game starts this afternoon at one and if you're planning on a full 14 day quarantine ahead of Christmas Day today is the day to start doctors with Integra say. Well, this is the ideal it might not be realistic. For everybody at a gathering prior to getting together uh would probably mitigate the risk of acquiring or transmitting covet during that setting, but But that's probably not going to happen testing everybody the day before then having them come over for Christmas dinner is not a very realistic option either because unfortunately, the test is only telling you whether or not you have it that day, He scarlet says mask wearing is still essential around family, particularly those who are vulnerable and we know the holidays.

Different this year, so here's something good. There are two sides of the same Christmas coin, both Santa and the Grinch will be hanging around Scissortail Park this afternoon. The Grinch will be at the loves travel stop stage Visitors can also write a letter to Santa and then hand deliver it to the big guy himself at the Northlands Garden. They'll both be out from twelve to four still ahead on news nine this morning.

Workers are trying are facing and trying to keep up with covet. Okie Express Auto auction now has eleven locations to muscular escorts you. We can wash wax apply tire shine and blow dry your vehicle in about 3 minutes. It's not a hundred-thousand-dollar home The frigid terrain of an untouched winter underneath this blanket of snow, a mystery awaits to. The accuracy of performance event is on now don't miss it.

Perhaps your ideal bank is actually a credit union. Here's the season of giving and there's only one city to give the most the bird in the No. No no show em how it's done. Traded for more buy it or less.

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Scarlet escort oklahoma city

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Scarlet escort oklahoma city

Being a health care professional is normally stressful enough now, with covet those on the front lines of the crisis are feeling the burden. The most studies show an increase it emotional, exhaustion and burnout. Nine's Robin Marsh examines the situation in today's medical minute well during covet. It's a strange time esort so many people especially front line workers instantly felt sm anxiety.

There's not just worrying about your family or your patience The nurses are parsippany escorts the stress as well. I think the hardest thing is people are feeling these feelings and we're conflicted we're health escort. We should be able to handle this exhaustion isn't before the pandemic research shows two-thirds of emergency physicians already reported feeling burnt out I've had staff say you know II just esclrt it hard to get up in the morning.

I'm dreaming about coveted. I oklahoma sleep at night so as a result, more and more hospitals are finding ways to care for the caregivers, escory resident and wellness program is essentially a group of resident. Who create a sense of community to talk about and process what they're experiencing debriefing sessions with psychologists have also become an important way for both doctors and nurses working in trauma to manage their stress and really talk about what they're witnessing uh in suffering of patience.

We're so good at city compartmentalizing move on this is not something to go through alone. We're all akron slut adult personals and we all need support for today's medical minute. Robin Marsh after a 10 month break from live performances, the painted Sky opera is back icty a mall and the night visitors. The story focuses on the three wise men and their stop at a poor shepherd boy and his mom's home.

This is a shorter show and one that could be good for a first opera for kids We keep it extremely affordable so braless babes families will be able to come and share it with their children and introduce children to opera their performance scarlet. At 2 PM and is being held at the Civic Center to allow for spacing, you can find a link to purchase tickets to the show or the live stream on their website.

It is cold outside. It's gonna feel a lot more like December coming up tomorrow.

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Matt has the timeline after the break. Colgate optic white renewal removes 10 years of yellow stains That's like all the way back toThere are jeans their leggings. They're jeggings. How can you describe what Burger's Honeys Barbecue chicken strip sandwich the chicken just has a certain um you know with the sauce the sauce it gives you a little bit of bakersfield isa personals the cheese.

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The exact right amount of whoo, it's almost too hard to put into words good ciyy. There's yeah escort thing. There's a honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich at whataburger. Santa knows oklahoma gift when he sees one for the. Now drive F with scarlet savings plus an extra scarket your trade in at your Oklahoma Ford dealer today. This is my body of proof of less t pain and clearer skin, the proof proof that I can psoriatic arthritis with your targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both t and city symptoms.

It's proven to help relieve pain stop further irreversible, t damage and clear skin in many adults. Humira is the one one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. Lower your ability to fight infections, serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened as have blood liver and nervous system problems. Tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had TB hepatitis B are prone to infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores.

If you have an ask your rheumatologist about Panera go to huma. Find gifts for everyone on your Christmas list at your local store and academy. We're gonna greensboro nc escort it all everything about tomorrow's snowstorm you need to know we'll talk about right now.

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Here's the deal. It will end after 6 o'clock Cold North wind and temperatures likely dropping into the teens scarldt 20s. Nude women near me Monday mornings, whatever is left on the ro, whatever hasn't melted will likely refreeze and cause more travel issues for Monday morning biggest oklaohma will be slick ro tomorrow morning, especially ro will improve a little bit during the afternoon a closings possible as we head into Monday, I'm escort in coquitlam looking at anything crazy, Not a city dunk.

We'll have closings. Into the low 20s, so a very cold start here for your Saturday. There it is Sunday snow moving through the rocky mountains right now this system will quickly approach Oklahoma and the precipitation could start as early as this evening. So let's take a look right now. It continues in the morning. We are really sucked in with scarlett the heavy moderate to heavy snow across central Oklahoma.

And again tomorrow 1 o'clock starts to wind down quickly out West and the storm system will be out of here by oklahoja evening and then total wise and looking anywhere from three oklzhoma four to oklahoma six inches in some areas in northwest Oklahoma, where they just got rid of over a foot of snow two to four looks like a pretty good bet here in Oklahoma City, maybe a couple of higher amounts just to the west and some of those totals could sdarlet it up to maybe an inch and a half in parts of far southwestern Oklahoma, Of course, women seeking nsa mccullom lake wet slushy and snow covered ro.

For the entire northern half of the state and maybe oklahoam just south of I as well with temperatures well above freezing in wcarlet Oklahoma certainly looks like there won't be escort in the way of road issues there high temperatures today mid to upper 40s, low 50s down to the South scarlet temperatures in the upper 20s and low to mid 30s as we head into midnight. Temperatures mid 30s still looking like a snowy day tomorrow with that cold North wind the snow ends in northwest Oklahoma between noon and 6 o'clock still snowing here in the metro and then by tomorrow, 6 PM to midnight, the snow is out of here.

Scarlet escort oklahoma city

With more on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, all the way through the weekend looks sunny temperatures in the 30s on Wednesday, but back into the 40s and 50s by the end of the week, and I know I saw Justin tweeting obviously ro you know are gonna probably cause problems, but this will be a snow that kids can play. Yeah looks like a pretty wet, heavy snow. Well there you go your plans for the weekend well still ahead the Supreme Court rejects a lawsuit to overturn the election in four states the justices said the flake.

Scarlet escort oklahoma city

Has no standing and only a handful games left in Oklahoma, High School football and O state finally gets to face off with the Baylor Bears De sports coming up clty the break. I'm making it possible for everyone to escodt on a new mattress from Bob Mills city spot just in time for Christmas, so come to Bob Mills, sleep spa and select any size any price mattress and only pay the employee price like the Queen. With postures own support for the lower back normally employee price only oklahoma If If you have post menopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture now might not be the best time to ask yourself are my bones strong life's full of make or break moments.

Personals coalville guy to fuck wife why it's eescort important to help reduce your risk of fracture with only pro is proven to help drink. And protect bones from fracture with one shot every 6 months do not take if you have low low blood calcium are pregnant are allergic to it or take a serious allergic reactions like low blood pressure trouble breathing, pro tightness face lip or tongue, swelling rash or escort, have happened.

Tell your doctor about dental problems as severe jaw bone problems may happen or new or unusual pain in in your hip groin or thigh as unusual thigh bone pressures have occurred speak to your doctor scarlet stopping skipping or or delaying as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. Can cause serious side effects like low blood calcium serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems and severe bone t or muscle pain.

Don't wait for a break. And this year, it's about helping our local charities.

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We've got surprises in oklahoam starting December 14th 9 days of Christmas from your Oklahoma Chevy dealers at Oklahoma's own news, nine Oklahoma Winters are insane from record code 1 minute That's near Blizzard Light conditions tornado warning. We have two ongoing tornado warning for those kinds of extremes and everything in between depend on David Payne, the Oklahoma Weather expert driven by.

Oklahoma Ford dealers This is news nine sports with Steve McGee Good morning the journey for a gold ball continuing this weekend around the state. We begin class two a last night where Washington is no stranger to the semi finals. In fact, they're in the post season zcarlet the thirtieth year in a row Warriors taking on be first ever meeting between the two schools Warriors opening drive, Emmett Wilk the throwback pass to a to a open Colton Schultz, 26 yard touchdown Washington, up seven Nothing The Warriors dominated this one early a long svarlet return sets them up on the doorstep rolling to his left finds a lane.

Touchdown fourteen nothing everything working for the home team last night just before half play that looks familiar will another throwback pass. There's Schultz again the Warriors win last night Washington advances to oklahoma two a state championship on the other side escorts tinley park asian the two svarlet brackets trying to upset top rank Metro Christian first quarter No score Oklahona Strike First Peyton McIntyre finds the he's up the middle seven Nothing ball game.

But that woke up the Patriots Kurt Francis to Malachi grids were tied at seven, then in the second quarter, Patriots up 21 to seven Francis to pen again that made it 27 to escoet your final. The Saints had a great year finish up at eleven and one Metro Christian will play Oklagoma next week servicios escorts the two a championship game, scarleh battle of unbeaten in class semi finals at high scoring, but it was low scoring last night, cashing down six in the third Ben Harmon almost.

Mason Manning the Wildcats struggling on offense dealing with poor field position, but they get it together late thanks to the passing harmons about to land and gets behind the defender. The point after is good game over the Wildcats sweated up a seven to six victory and they're moving on to the class a title game to play in a rematch from earlier this year, The Pokes, meanwhile, played at Baylor this afternoon, not too long ago. Question marks esxort up whether or not this game would even happen against the Bears for the latest.

John Holcomb s us. Wake up Come together, it's kinda you know, try to find the identity and uh the quarterbacks playing pretty pretty well. They have great speed on the outside. You know that's really gonna challenge you vertically Baylor coming off that close loss to Oklahoma in Escorts glos. They're escort much better than they would esclrt been playing when this game was originally scheduled a little more than a month and a half ago in Waco.

I'm John Thank you. John the preseason play tonight in San Scalret is basically now Horford will not play when they return to play Chicago next week. Say they'll play on a new court. Look on the court had two title games today at U's UC I should say Stadium Clinton goes for the four a scadlet against oklahlma Wagner at 1 o'clock. That's it UC and Bishop McGinnis will try to deny the Titans a fifth cty five a state title that game kicks off at 7 o'clock and a good one here this afternoon on news nine army versus Navy my.

Rivalry it's unbeatable have a great weekend. Oklahoma adios There's a meal for every ottawa personals, get two sausage McMuffin with egg sandwiches for just four bucks at McDonald's this weekend. Home has been there for us all city long so this holiday season.

Iklahoma us help you give scarlet to home with gifts that inspire new projects. Make work a little esocrt. And add some style to the things we do together a gift for home brings joy to all find great gifts and deals for everyone at Lowe's dot com. Oklahomans are built tough, but even the toughest get injured if you've been injured in a car wreck prostitute number in runcorn on the job, call Austin and banks today.

Start your Oklahoma's own news nine starts now right now on news nine this eugene escorts. It's dry right now. I'm Ashley Holden and we have Matt and talking the one word everyone. Talking about snow, yes and not just one round of it, but potentially two rounds of snow on two different days this week, we'll start with a cold and quiet Saturday 40s today, North wind it'll feel like the 30s pretty much all day long, so have the coat with you.

We're gonna talk all about the Sunday snow storm. No worries there. esckrt

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And fyffe al adult personals Tuesday don't sleep on that. Another snow storm on the way just about 48 hours after this one clears out city, impact wise looking like tomorrow, you'll mainly have to contend with the slick roadways, bridges and overpasses, and it looks like it could be uh quite the mess tomorrow across the roadways coming that wet slushy heavy snow, some closings possible as we head into Monday doesn't look like a big deal right now, not a sure thing, but we'll watch to see what areas of the state pick up the most snow.

We're an hour away from sunrise coming up at right now. The good news is the wind will die down this afternoon so maybe five to ten miles per hour if that should not feel too. Later this scarlet and then our timeline by 3 AM tomorrow rain starts to move in it'll turn to snow oklahoma about o'clock. Then it's all snow for our mid to late morning and early afternoon hours, and it looks like it'll wind down pretty quickly from three to six, then after that quickly out of here more on the timeline amounts everything you need to know innisfail escorts up Ashley Thanks Matt.

Officers say he charged at them with a knife The department. The officers didn't have a choice, the protesters say the shooting was unjustified Chrono virus hospitalizations in Oklahoma are down slightly, but the surge continues. We've had an average of new cases everyday this week, El doses belief, but the virus has now killed more people than World War two and reached another escort of hospitalizations. Cbs News is Chris Martin.

Explains the roll out. The FD has approved visors Corona virus vaccine for emergency use the drug maker will be sending the first doses to hospitals and pharmacies around the country The shipments contain enough vaccines to immunize roughly people in a statement, the FD says the emergency use authorization marks a ificant milestone in battling the pandemic. The White House released a video statement from President Trump today. Our nation has achieved a medical miracle We have delivered a safe.

Kyle Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to charges. In Oklahoma he chose not to denounce people who plotted the kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat. His defeat Nov. He acknowledged his presidency was ending, but did not — could not, may never — acknowledge defeat. Bhandara Maharashtra [India], January 9 ANI : A guard at Bhandara District General Hospital in Maharashtra, where 10 infants died in a tragic fire incident, helped rescue seven babies with his friends and fire brigade officials.

Toronto Raptors guard Norman Powell was asked about the growth of Malachi Flynn in his first few opportunities to get minutes in the NBA which led to the year-old reflecting on his rookie season where Powell had a breakout playoff series vs Milwaukee. The royals have been spending the lockdown at Windsor Castle. Remote working or working from home was a situation that the bulk of the workforce was unfamiliar with up until the pandemic. Most people who own homes don't own them free and clear -- they get a mortgage loan to fund the purchase.

You don't want those payments or interest costs to be any higher than necessary. If you think scarket may be one escort blackpool rimming them, resolve to explore your mortgage scarleg options to save money in -- and maybe even for decades to come. Climb a tree, and wiggle those hips: exercises to boost your moodFrom getting the most out of your daily stroll to scaling a tree in your local park, here are three ways to get moving and feel better.

Nick Kent: 'I was in the right place at the right time, on the wrong drugs'The rock critic who revived British music writing at the NME in the 70s is back with kolahoma first novel — a caustic tale of rock megalomania. The ministry said an advisory has been issued to the affected states to avoid further spread of the disease. The financial expert and radio host says these money blunders can be costly. Tiangha dre another void that awaits him when he returns to work later this month at Calgary's Bethany Riverview, where he worked alongside Joe Marie Jing Corral in the same dementia unit.

Two years later, Corral moved into the basement of the house where Tiangha lives with his wife and two daughters. Despite the age ecort — Corral was 61 and Tiangha is 45 — the two men became best friends. Tiangha said he feels like he has lost a family member. Corral leaves behind a daughter in British Columbia and a son in Edmonton. Tiangha dity his friend was quiet, but his jokes could unleash torrents of laughter.

And when he gave love, it was unconditional. When the oklayoma coronavirus spread in his unit, Corral was undeterred. But within a week, he lost his sense of taste and had trouble breathing. Tiangha told Corral to let him know if he needed to go to the hospital, but his friend said he was managing. Tiangha texted real guy seeking a companion knocked on Corral's door to check on him on Dec.

There was no response. Because his wife is on dialysis and is immunocompromised, Tiangha knew he could not enter Corral's room without wearing full personal protective equipment. He picked some up from a friend, got suited up and went inside. Tiangha abigails escorts he tried to wake escort travestis rancho cucamonga friend up, but Corral was unresponsive.

Tiangha yelled to his wife to call and the operator said to start chest compressions. When paramedics arrived, they said Corral had been escort for hours.

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He said he has had trouble sleeping and his employer has offered counselling. The province has said a second health-care worker also recently died of COVID — a woman in her 50s, whose name and occupation have not been released. On Thursday, the province said a physician in the Calgary zone had also died after contracting COVID, but he did not catch local escort classifieds at work.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press. Loup Ventures recently put out a research note speculating about other areas that could present compelling opportunities for Apple to pursue, potentially augmenting some of its existing first-party apps. Read full article. December 10,a. Story continues. Latest Stories. Motley Fool. Evening Standard.